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Cognitive Training

Whether you’re a student, looking for that competitive edge – or an executive, trying to stretch your brain power further, our cognitive training program can give you the means necessary.

If you find yourself struggling to wrap your brain around the problem at hand, or even just want to push yourself further, keep reading to find out more.

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What is Cognitive Training?

Our cognitive training program looks at your mental capacity – including your brain’s activity, memory, and more – in order to literally train your brain. In the same way that an athlete may hit the gym to practice ahead of a big game to improve their performance, cognitive training allows you to improve your brain’s performance.

Why is Cognitive Training Important?

This kind of training can not only help you to achieve your professional and personal goals via increased brain activity – but it can also help ward off cognitive decline and illness in the future.

In fact, The results from multiple studies have indicated that people who do cognitively stimulating activities may even have a lower risk of dementia.

Alongside potentially life changing benefits like that, it has also been shown to:

  • reduce stress
  • increase memory
  • improve mood
  • increase focus and concentration
  • improve creativity
  • improve thinking and reaction time

How is Cognitive Training Performed?

Parker Performance Institute’s Cognitive Training uses neuroscience technology to assess attention and the speed at which a client utilizes conscious mental activity, memory, problem solving abilities, and higher-level cognitive function and control during stressful situations as well as how well a client identifies emotions via facial expression and processes potentially biased information.

Once individualized baseline performance data is obtained and reviewed, our doctors use training techniques involving mindfulness, heart rate variability, and biofeedback coupled with cognitive processing technology to improve performance for executive and student clients of varying professions, disciplines, and backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cognitive Training

How to know if brain training is working?
Much like any other form of muscle training – you should begin to notice changes. These could be to your memory, or improvement in reflexes, to name a few. When you undertake cognitive training therapies with Parker Performance, there will be assessments to show progress.

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