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Athlete Brain Performance Training

How an athlete uses their brain during sport is critical to their performance. For athletes already involved in substantial athletic or sport training, improving athlete-specific cognitive intelligence can enhance both training and ultimately, your performance.

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Athlete Brain
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What is Athlete Brain Performance Training?

Athlete brain performance training is what it sounds like – cognitive training that specifically is designed for athletes and the reflexes used.

Parker Performance Institute’s Athlete Brain Performance Training focuses on enhancing the visual system to improve the way an athlete:

  • Tracks a moving target
  • Quickly shifts focus during sport situations demanding immediate change of attention
  • Establishes a “quiet eye” that calmly and purposefully holds focus by cancelling out distractions
  • Uses peripheral vision acuity and perception of visual information to make things happen in sport

This program compliments any physical sport training program and can be done while an athlete is concurrently working with a trainer or other program.

Why is Athlete Brain Performance Important?

Without cognitive training, athletes rely on their innate level of cognitive ability. But just like any other muscle, the brain requires attention and training to improve. Without this kind of program, athletes may struggle to reach their full potential.

How is Athlete Brain Performance Training Performed?

Using hi and low-tech assessments, our team can assess an athlete in approximately 40 minutes. Once the initial data is collected and reviewed with a client, an individualized program to improve athlete brain performance can be implemented in weekly sessions over a six-week time period.

Frequently Asked Questions About Athlete Brain Performance Training

How does cognitive training differ for athletes?
Training for athletes focuses heavily on ensuring you can track a target, and think quickly for fast reflexes. In traditional cognitive training, that may benefit a student or executive, we focus on memory and brain health.

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