The first fully integrated brain & body clinic, providing the best chance for breakthrough results.

Meet Parker Performance Institute

Parker Performance Institute is the first fully integrated brain and body clinic drawing from diverse fields such as, medical neurology, chiropractic, massage therapy, and nutrition to provide a client-centered approach to care. 

Our team orchestrates an exceptional client experience, advanced technology and innovative clinical skill to help our clients achieve peak performance in their life.

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We Accept Most Major Forms of Insurance

We work hard to provide you with the best possible care – whatever your insurance is. We accept a wide range of insurances, including all of the most common.
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Meet Our Team

Parker Performance Institute has professionals from diverse fields such as chiropractic, neurology, physiology, occupational therapy, massage therapy, and nutrition working together to provide a client-centered approach to care.

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Parker Performance Institute

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Over the two weeks, I experienced improved memory and recall, smoother thought process, and reduced anxiety and depression.”
Robert E.
“I feel like I am thinking clearer than I have in years.”
Ben H. (Veteran)
“I was told I couldn’t continue rehab because I developed a scissor gait. After two days of being here I no longer have a scissor gate.”
Marsha H.
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Seek Treatment on Your Terms

Injury recovery and athletic performance optimization, built on a client experience that gives you the best chance for breakthrough results.

Seek Treatment on Your Terms, With Same Day Access to Clinicians

Injury recovery, functional improvement, and performance optimization, built on the experience that gives you the best chance for breakthrough results.

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