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Return to Sport

Looking to return to sport after an injury or a short break? We know it can be daunting, and you want your body to perform at its peak as soon as possible – but proper care is necessary to ensure you avoid repeat or worsened injuries. That’s where a professionally developed return to sport program comes in.

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What Is Return to Sport?

Return to sport programs are exactly as they sound – customized plans, developed with specific consideration to your injury or current abilities, that aim to enhance your performance and get you back on the field.

Experience is critical when it comes to this, which is why here at Parker Performance Institute, all of our sport doctors have deep coaching experience. They understand the athletic body and how to best prepare both medically, and physically.

Why Is a Return to Sport Program Important?

Without the proper return to sport programming, future injury is more likely. Through our personalized plans, we help you to not only ensure safety in your return, but also to learn preventative care to help limit injury going forward.

How Is a Return to Sport Program Performed?

The specifics of your care will depend on the injury or reason you left your sport – for example, a program designed to return after a concussion will differ to a return from an ACL tear.

Typically, your program will begin with a conversation that covers what happened and what your goals are. From here, our team can begin to develop a timeline and care plan to accommodate your goals as closely as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Return to Sport

What happens if you return to sport immediately after a concussion?
If you don’t take the proper care after a concussion, you’re at risk of second concussion syndrome. This is the rapid swelling of your brain and can leave you with permanent damage. It can also very commonly be fatal.

Can I return to sport immediately after an injury?
After any form of injury, returning to work immediately can result in further damage and additional injuries.

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