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Concussion Baseline Assessment

Concussion can put a damper on your day, when you’re an athlete. But more than that, it can be extremely dangerous to continue sport if a potential concussion has happened. This assessment should be the first step for any athlete, to ensure there’s an understanding of your starting and ongoing mental ability and brain health – so you can avoid risk associated with concussion.

Baseline Concussion Assessment
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What is the concussion baseline assessment?

This procedure assesses a person’s cognition and memory, eye movement control, awareness of body position and movement, and balance control which are commonly compromised in people who have experienced concussion. Using the information from this assessment and trauma history, a provider may determine if a patient is experiencing effects of a concussion or has deficits that when improved will contribute to better athletic performance.

Why is a concussion baseline assessment important?

A concussion is type of traumatic brain injury that occurs when an athlete experiences one significant or several repetitive submaximal blows to the head. The occurrence of complicated health issues resultant from concussion can be severe and it is estimated that concussion is a common sports injury, regardless of age or league.

Parker performance Institute’s concussion baseline assessment allows athletes and parents of athletes to track brain health through out the years spent playing sport. Additionally, the findings can inform our doctors about neurological therapeutics that may help people who already have complications or conditions that may be associated with a concussion injury.

How is the concussion baseline assessment given?

The athlete is assessed in active and mental activities using technologies in immersive virtual reality, eye control tracking, and measures of cognition and memory. This group of tests typically takes 30-40 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Concussion Baseline Assessments

Is the Parker Performance Institute concussion assessment protocol the same as the ImPACT protocol?
Our concussion assessment protocols all include the components used in ImPACT testing, but our protocols go beyond those basics in cognitive assessment such as memory, attention span, problem solving, and reaction time. In addition to cognitive assessment, we also assess other important dysfunction that may be caused by concussion injury including balance and eye tracking. Additionally, all of our tests are performed and interpreted by medical neurologists and practitioners with master’s degrees in clinical neuroscience.

How long does a concussion baseline assessment take?
The assessment will take about 30 minutes and the discussion about the findings may take 30-60 minutes. Typically, the assessment the discussion about findings occurs over two different visits to allow our team time to properly identify deficiencies and formulate recommendations.

Can the concussion baseline assessment be combined with other Parker Performance Institute programs?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals and we will create a package appropriate for you.

Does Parker Performance Institute also do pre-participation sports physicals required by school athletic programs?
Yes. We can perform the pre-participation physical and concussion baseline assessment in one visit for you.

Will Parker Performance Institute do annual comparative assessments for athletes to assess brain health from season to season?
Yes. Our clients can purchase a season pass for our concussion assessments so the data baseline can be assessed pre, mid, and post season. This data can also be aligned comparatively over several seasons to thoroughly evaluate brain health relative to continued participation in sport.

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