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Floyd McLendon Jr.

Floyd McLendon Jr
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Floyd McLendon Jr. is the Director of Institutional Advancement for Parker Performance Institute, whose mission is to advance people’s health and abilities so they can pursue their potential to be better in life. Floyd is the ambassador and spokesperson for the INVICTUS
Project Program which provides military veterans and first responders, who suffer from traumatic brain injury, with neurological, physiological, and integrative medicine treatment. Prior to joining Parker Performance Institute, Floyd honorably served in the United States Navy for 25 years and is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL.

He forward-deployed five times over five continents, with a presence in 24 countries. While in senior leadership positions and maintaining operational readiness in the SEAL Teams, Floyd was a national speaker for the Naval Special Warfare Community. He traveled across the
country educating high schools, colleges, and community centers on the diversity Naval Special Warfare had to offer and shared the mental toughness techniques used to achieve mission success.

In 2017, upon military retirement, Floyd planted roots in the Great State of Texas. He has served in the federal and state political arena, with a strong focus on military veteran initiatives. His gift is developing, executing, and evaluating initiatives that inspire change in those who seek professional, social, mental, and/or physical growth. Also, Floyd is a highly regarded, professional speaker and published author, which are the foundations of his continuous service to humanity.

Floyd’s recreational passion stems around participating in several events a year, that involve long ruck runs and/or long swims. In 2018, he was very fortunate to swim a few miles in the English Channel and ruck from Omaha Beach to the city of Saint Lo, in remembrance of our fallen brothers during World War II: D-Day, The Invasion of Normandy.

1.3 Billion

1.3 Billion people with disabilities (PWD). Their friends and family add another 2.3 billion people who act on their emotional connection to PWD.


70% of veterans experiencing homelessness also experience substance abuse, and 50% live with mental illnesses like PTSD.


TX, NM, OK, LA are among the highest reported areas of veterans with disabilities.